How to change the owner of a PostgreSQL database

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How to change the owner of a PostgreSQL database
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Changing the owner of a PostgreSQL database may be necessary for various reasons, such as transferring responsibilities or updating user roles. This guide will walk you through the process in simple steps with a practical example.

Why change owner?

Sometimes it may be necessary to change the owner of a PostgreSQL database. This could be due to a change in team roles, a transfer of ownership, or simply an update to user permissions. PostgreSQL makes this process simple.

Quick declaration

You can use the ALTER DATABASE... OWNER TO... statement to easily change the owner of a database.

Before we dive into the detailed steps, here is the shortcut:

ALTER DATABASE db_name OWNER TO new_owner;

Now, let's go through the detailed steps to ensure you understand and execute this command correctly.

Step by step instructions

Step 1: Connect to PostgreSQL

First, connect to your PostgreSQL server using the psql command-line tool or any PostgreSQL client. Here's how to connect using psql:

sudo -i -u postgres psql

Step 2: Check the current owner

To check the current database owner, use the following SQL command:

\l db_name

Replace db_name with your database name. This will show the current owner of the database.

Step 3: Create a new user

Skip this step if the user has already been created. If not, use the following SQL statement to create a new user.


Replace new_owner with your username and password with a strong password.

Step 4: Change the owner

To change the database owner you can use the ALTER DATABASE command. Suppose we want to change the owner to a user named new_owner. Here is the command:

ALTER DATABASE db_name OWNER TO new_owner;

Replace db_name with the name of your database and new_owner with the new owner's username.

Once updated, you can again use the \l db_name statement to view its owner.


Changing the owner of a PostgreSQL database is a simple task if you follow these steps. Just make sure you have the right permissions and follow the commands carefully. This change can help you manage database access and responsibilities more effectively.

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