(Fixed) node-saas: 64-bit Linux with unsupported runtime (108)

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(Fixed) node-saas: 64-bit Linux with unsupported runtime (108)
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While setting up a node application on Linux, I encountered the error "node-sass: Linux 64-bit with Unsupported runtime (108)". This issue typically occurs due to a mismatch between the node-sass version and the Node.js runtime. It suggests that the node-sass binary is not compatible with the installed Node.js version. This tutorial will help you solve the problem.

Understanding the error:

This error occurs when the node-sass package, which compiles Sass (.scss) to CSS, detects an incompatibility between the current version of the Node.js runtime and supported versions. The specific code (108) probably indicates an internal reference within node-sass that maps to the unsupported runtime.

Problem resolution:

Here are the steps you can take to fix this error:

Check Node.js version compatibility:

    • Run node -v in your terminal to determine your Node.js version.
    • Check the node-sass documentation (refer to their repository or official website) to find the list of supported Node.js versions.

Upgrade or downgrade Node.js (if necessary):

    • If your Node.js version is higher than the supported range, you will need to downgrade to a compatible version.
    • If it is lower, consider upgrading to a supported LTS (long-term support) version for better stability and security. You can use a node version manager like nvm to simplify this process.

Rebuild node-sass (if applicable): In some cases, rebuilding node-sass may resolve compatibility issues. Attempt:

npm rebuild node-sass

Use a default binary (if available): The node-sass package can offer default binaries for specific Node.js versions and operating systems. If one exists for your setup, you can install it instead of compiling from source. Refer to the node-sass documentation for details.

Consider alternatives (if necessary): If the above solutions don't work, explore alternative Sass compilers such as Dart Sass ( https://github.com/sass/dart-sass ) or LibSass ( https://github.com/sass/libsass ), which may have better compatibility with your version of Node.js.

Further tips:

  • Make sure you have the required build tools (such as Python and its development headers) installed to compile node-sass if necessary.
  • If you use a version control system like Git, consider branching or using a virtual environment to isolate your project dependencies and Node.js version to avoid conflicts with system-wide installations.


By following these steps, you should be able to successfully resolve the "node-saas: Linux 64-bit with Unsupported runtime (108)" error and continue working with your Sass stylesheets.

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